Welcome to Willow Creek Neighborhood Association in Willow Glen, California

Welcome to Willow Creek Neighborhood Association in Willow Glen, California

Neighborhood News

Trash Talk with Dev Davis on June 14 from 9:00-11:00 in the morning. Meet at 7 Eleven on Ironwood.

Get a chance to talk to Dev as you help pick up trash in our area. Dev will provide all of the needed clean-up equipment to volunteers.

Willow Creek Neighborhood BE's


           Neighborhood BEs

  1. BE friendly. Know your neighbors.
  2. BE willing to offer a helpful hand.
  3. BE a participant in neighborhood activities.
  4. BE prepared for emergencies.
  5. BE vigilant regarding unusual activity in the neighborhood.  (Call 911).
  6. BE a safe neighborhood driver.
  7. BE considerate in parking your vehicles. Whenever possible park your vehicles on your own property or in front of, or adjacent to, your own property.
  8. BE prideful of your property. Maintain your yard and home.
  9. BE courteous when entertaining, and avoid late night noise.
  10. BE mindful of your pets. Please clean up after them and control barking.

About Us



The Objective of the Willow Creek Neighborhood Association in Willow Glen is to bring unity and trust among our neighbors.  We also work with the city to ensure that our neighborhood is maintained and protected.

Useful Information


On this website you will find meeting minutes, photos of neighborhood activities, and association bylaws



This neighborhood association provides dedicated leaders who volunteer their time, effort and talents to preserve the safety and beautification of the neighborhood. The association 

organizes neighborhood meetings,

annual picnic, outdoor movies, block parties, lawn Christmas trees, occasional garage sales, produce exchanges, and even an opportunity to visit with Santa Claus during the holidays.

Willow Creek Neighborhood Association

Lanewood Drive, San Jose, California 95125, United States

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