Welcome to Willow Creek Neighborhood Association in Willow Glen, California

Meeting Minutes

Willow Creek Neighborhood Association Board Meeting September 5, 2019 

At Heather Westh’s Home

Attendees: President Heather Westh, Treasurer Greg Kaparske, Secretary Nancy Mathews, Members At Large: Glen Mathews, Kevin Piramoon, Eunice Esquivel and Ashley King.

Old Business:

• Minutes of the last meeting, June 19 were read and approved.

• Treasurer reported a balance of $1,192.09.

• With Heather’s perseverance and meeting with the Canoas Principal the gate at the end of Thrush Dr. is now unlocked.

• Concerns noted about the needed repairs of Old Almaden Road between Ironwood and Redbird. Repairs have been promised by Dev Davis for several years. 

• Association Activities will be added to the website rather than to the By-Laws. 

• The City needs to be reminded of repairs in the park.

• Newsletters were passed out throughout the neighborhood with a reminder of dues.

• The annual Picnic will be Sat. Sept. 14. Plans were finalized for the Picnic.

• Movie Night will be October 25 at 6:30 with Ashely and Kevin supervising.

• Coordinating the e-mail lists to communicate with the neighborhood will be addressed at a later meeting.

New Business:

• The next board meeting will be Wednesday Nov. 13.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Mathews

Willow Creek Neighborhood Association Board Meeting June 19, 2019  

Attendees: President Heather Westh, Vice President Allyson Scott, Secretary Nancy Mathews, Members At Large: Glen Mathews, Carol Searle, Kevin Piramoon, and Ashley King. 

Old Business:

· The minutes of the previous meeting were read, amended for spelling errors, and missed member. The minutes were moved by Glen Mathews and approved by the Board.

· At a community meeting on May 29 the City of San Jose opted out of putting up the fence. San Jose Unified School District will erect a fence on their property line in order to keep the students safe. Therefore the community will have free access to the field on the park side and the City will not be renting out the field. 

· The gate near the corner of Blue Jay and Thrush remains locked even though at the community meeting it was brought to the attention of the City and School. It was suggested at the Board meeting that a timed locked system might be the answer.

· Last year the Roads and Airport in charge of the small park at Wren and Almaden did a nice job of cleaning it up. But this year it was not up to last year’s standard. 

· Treasure’s report was not read due to the absences of the Treasurer.

New Business:

· Carol Searle and Nancy Mathews exchanged positions on the board. Nancy will be the Secretary for the remainder of the year. Carol will be a Member At Large.

· Elections for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 2 Members at Large will be held at the end of the year.

· Heather and Allyson will work on compiling and coordinating e-mail addresses in order to communicate with the Association.

· The “My San Jose” app is a good way to notify the City about urgent needs i.e. graffiti. 

· Heather compiled a list of activities and responsibilities where the Association has participated. She also outlined the duties and how to set up each activity. 

· It was suggested that these activities and duties be added to or amended to the current By-Laws. These could be annual activities (required) and suggested activities (not required). A committee of one or several people would be responsible for that specific activity. These will be on the agenda to be submitted at the Annual Association Meeting.

· Heather passed out maps to the Board Members of areas they would be responsible for concerning the distribution newsletters. 

· Board members were encouraged to have Street Parties to get to know their neighbors. 

· The Annual Picnic in the park was set for Sept. 14 from 5-7pm. Board Members will arrive at 4:30 to help set up.

· The Taco Truck was successful last year and will continue this year. In place of an ice cream truck there will be watermelon and icy pops. 

· Ashley will research having a juggler for the Picnic. 

· Heather will give out Special Awards to association members who have contributed greatly to the community and the association at the Annual Meeting.

· Movie Night will be Oct. 25 after dark with popcorn and water. Kevin will coordinate this.

· Carol will research having a neighborhood yard sale.

· The next Board Meeting will be Sept. 5 to further coordinate and finalize the Annual Picnic.

In addition Councilwoman Dev Davis spoke on the homeless housing issue.

She had 3 basic questions that she was collecting data on.

· What matters most to us?

· What information is needed by us?

· How to engage neighbors?

Some of the issues of concern were security, safety, mental health and real estate values. What are the numbers of homeless, what the look of homelessness is, and what is currently being done were some of the questions we discussed.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Mathews       


Willow Creek Neighborhood Association Board Meeting March 11, 2019

Attendees: President Heather Westh, Vice President Allyson Scott, Secretary Carol Searle, Treasurer Greg Kapasski, Members at Large: Glen Mathews, Nancy Mathews and Kevin Piramoon, Eunice Esquivel.

Old Business:

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved by Glen Mathews.
  • Treasurer  Greg Kapasski reported that $760 in dues were collected at the annual business  meeting on Jan. 31, 2019. The current balance is $1,283. The incentive gift of Sees Candy helped to generate dues.
  • Concerns  about the fence that the city wants between Canoas Park and Canoas School  were discussed. Heather talked to Principal Barbara Keesaw at Canoas School and with  Nicolle Burnham who represents the City of San Jose. The school’s concern is to  keep the students’ safe.  The city is looking to generate money by charging to rent out the field. The association’s concern is that there will be a locked gate that would limit usage of the field.
  • Previously Andreas Westh had stepped down as Vice President but will still be  available for consultation. 
  • Sources of ways to communicate with our neighborhood were discussed such as an email distribution list, Google Group, website and Facebook. 

New Business:

  • After decades of service and dedication Dawn and Gary Smith have stepped down as members at large.  As per our by-laws Nancy Mathews and Ashley King where voted in by the board as new board members at large.
  • Heather is working on setting up our neighborhood Dumpster Day. The date of early spring (April/May) was discussed with a possibility of having it on April 6. Heather will do more research, coordinate with the city, notify the association, and she will publicize the exact date once it’s arranged.
  • September 14 was discussed as a possible date for our annual neighborhood picnic.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm.

Willow Creek Neighborhood Association Meeting January, 31 2019

All board members were in attendance.

The annual Willow Creek Neighborhood meeting was called to order by our president Heather Westh on Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 7:10pm at the Church on the Hill.

Heather thanked the Church on the Hill for the room and for the paying $500 for the ice cream truck at our neighborhood picnic.

Marina Chakmakjian and Rebecca Souza who are Crime Specialists for the city of San Jose talked about the Neighborhood Watch program, and the best ways to prevent crime. They encouraged us to download the mysanjose app. and to set up neighborhood watch meetings. 

Board members were introduced.

Heather told everyone that Dumpster Day would be in May. Last year we filled all 8 dumpsters by noon. Neighborhood teenagers volunteered and removed a truck full of trash from along the river. Mike Saari removed the puncture weeks form the park, and Doug Lueken sprayed the park on Wren and Almaden for weeds every 4 months.

People were encouraged to volunteer at the Canoas school to help with their reading program. They were also encouraged to have block parties.

There was a discussion about the Canoas School fence. The city would like to fence of the park and it would be locked during school hours. People were concerned that the school wouldn’t unlock the gate for our community after school hours. There will be a meeting about this on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 6:00pm to discuss this further.

Changes to the Willow Creek Neighborhood Association Board: Andreas Westh our vice president and Bob Barrera a member at large stepped down. Allyson Scott was voted in as our new vice president and Kevin Piramoon was voted in as our new member at large. 

Councilmember Dev Davis spoke about the school fencing our park. She told us that there was no new development planned for the Scottish rite site or for Curtner Station. She told us that the city would pave Almaden Road this year. She also talked about the Guadalupe River Project, the new Google Campus, the Evans Lane project, Measure A and La Mesa Verde. 

Respectfully submitted, Carol Searle, Secretary

Willow Creek Neighborhood Association Board Meeting, November 13, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Heather Westh, president, at 7:05 at 912 Lanewood Dr. 

In attendance:

President: Heather Westh

Treasure: Greg Kaparski

Members at Large: Gary Smith, Dawn Smith, Glen Mathews, Eunice Esquivel

Substitute Secretary: Nancy Mathews


Secretary: Carol Searle

Member at Large: Bob Barrera

Vice President: Andreas Westh

Old Business:

· The minutes of August 16, 2018 were amended and approved.

· All agreed that “Picnic in the Park” was a success.

· The taco truck will continue.

New Business:

· Discussion on raising the dues. It was decided to keep it at $10 a year for the present.

· The annual meeting will be on Jan. 29, 2019 at Church on the Hill and the agenda was discussed and set.

· Heather will investigate setting up a Google account for the Neighborhood Association.

· Lanewood Dr. will have a Christmas street party in Dec. Other streets will have a get together at various times.

·  Both Christmas trees and arches are options for the holiday season.

· The cost and format of the Newsletter was discussed. 

· The next board meeting will be in March.

· The meeting was adjourned at 8pm.

Respectfully submitted

Substitute Secretary 

Nancy Mathews  

Willow Creek Neighborhood Board Meeting, August 16, 2018

The Willow Creek Board Meeting was called to order by our president Heather Westh on Thursday, August 16, 2018 at 7:10 pm at the Westh’s home on Lanewood Drive. The board officers present were Heather Westh, President, Greg Kaparski, Treasurer. Officers at Large present were Gary and Dawn Smith, Glen Mathews and Eunice Esquivel. Bob Barrera, Andreas Westh and Carol Searle were absent.

The minutes of the board meeting on May 21, 2018 were amended so that treasure’s report reflected the same date as the May meeting. The new amendment was summited by Dawn Smith and was approved by all.

Treasurer’s Report

As of August 16th the balance is $1,535.63 plus an additional $10 of dues. Four people have paid twice for 2018. Their additional dues will be rolled over to the 2019 year. 

Dawn and Gary will have a table set up at the Sept. 8th Picnic in the Park for those who have not yet paid 2018 dues. They will also have tickets to distribute for the food for the Picnic.

Glen will investigate getting envelopes for the dues.

Old Business

· Dawn Smith has resigned from organizing the annual Christmas trees. Heather will post for volunteers to continue this for their own street.

· One option for the Christmas trees is to have Holiday Hoops. Gary will have information and how to do this at the September Picnic.

· Each street will organize its own block parties. Lanewood Dr. will continue with its Holiday party around the 1st of December.

· Volunteers were asked for the Canoas School Reading program. One person has volunteered.

· Heather contacted Roads and Transportation about the small park at the corner of Wren and Almaden Expressway. They responded by removing 2 dead trees, dead wood, weeds, trash, and overgrowth.

· Sandwich boards have been purchased for signs to announce neighborhood functions. There was discussion on possibly chaining them to street sign posts so that they can’t disappear. The signs will be put out about 5 days before the picnic to announce that function. 

· Susan from Church on the Hill informed Heather that there are 4 to 5 families who live in the neighborhood and work at the church who would like to be more involved with the association. 

· Church on the Hill has donated $150 toward the ice cream truck for the Picnic in the Park.

· The WCNA newsletter received multiple accolades. Discussion was held on a less expensive printing of the newsletter. Greg will investigate this. Distribution of the letter at times has been problematic. One possibility is having supervised High School volunteers.

New Business

· Discussion was held on a Facebook Page or Google Group for emergency preparedness. It was decided that at this time the current webpage and Next Door were sufficient.

· Gary Smith has arranged for a Taco Truck to come for the Picnic in the Park. The cost will be $500 for 100 plates. There will be 2 tacos with rice and beans.

· Gary, Andreas, and Greg will be in charge of the movie at the Picnic.

· Ashley will be in charge of Kids’ activities.

· Other responsibilities were delegated to Board members to buy various supplies for the Picnic.

· The next Board meeting will be Dec. 3.

· There will be 2 Newsletters per year. The next one will be in Dec.

· The annual association meeting will be toward the end of Jan.

· A gift and thank you card will be presented to Church on the Hill for their very generous donation for Picnic in the Park.

Adjourned at 8:15 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Mathews, substitute secretary 


Willow Creek Neighborhood Board Meeting, May 21, 2018

The Willow Creek Board Meeting was called to order by our president Heather Westh on Monday, May 21, 2018 at 7:10 pm at the Westh’s home. The board officers present were Heather Westh, President, Andreas Westh Vice President, Carol Searle, Secretary, Greg Kaparski, Treasurer. Officers at Large present were Gary and Dawn Smith, Glen Mathews and Eunice Esquivel. Bob Barrera was absent.

The minutes at our annual neighborhood Association meeting on March 8, 2018 were approved by Andres Westh and seconded by Glen Mathews.

Treasurer’s Report

The bank balance for May was $1779.02

The June balance in our association account as of now is $1355.63. The association received $30 in dues. We paid $217.03 for Sandwich Boards and paid $236.36 for June newsletter printing. 

This was reported by Greg Kaparski, our Treasurer.

Our neighborhood had a Dumpster Day. It was a huge success. We filled all seven dumpsters by noon.

Canoas Elementary Reading Program

There is a program called Ordinary Angels. Volunteers would mentor Students at Canoas Elementary School individually or in small groups for one hour a week on Monday afternoons. It would be nice if neighbors could get involved and volunteer.

Sandwich Boards

Sandwich Boards are going to be expensive. Glen will look on line. Heather and William can make them. Dawn mentioned the signs,


By-Laws can be changed at the annual meeting. Bill Aaron originally wrote the By-Laws.

Distribution List 

Heather was going to check and update on the distribution Lists and Street Captains for the newsletter to go out.

Evans Lane

Evans Lane Abode will be 62 units.

Dawn showed plans for the site.

Homeless are camping out under the bridge.

Annual Picnic

Our Annual Picnic will be the second Saturday in September, September 8th. The movie the Incredibles will be shown on the tennis courts when it goes dark. Research needs to be done to see if we can find a reasonable Taco Truck. It is mentioned that Bob Barrera may know of a big grill. If we do it ourselves it would be beans, meat and rice. Maybe we could have the Taco Truck subsided. We have always had an ice cream truck.

The newsletter was distributed in June.

There was talk about where to store our stuff.

Arches at Christmas

There was talk of having arches along our walkway instead or in addition to our trees. We may have some on display at the annual Picnic.

Meeting adjourned at 8:28 pm

Respectively Submitted, 

Carol Searle, Secretary

Willow Creek Neighborhood Board Meeting, March 8, 2018

The Willow Creek Board Meeting was called to order by our newly elected president Heather Westh

on Thursday, March 8th, 2018 at 7:08 pm at the Westh’s home. 

The board officers present were Heather Westh, President, Andreas Westh Vice President, Carol Searle, Secretary, Greg Kaparski, Treasurer. Officers at Large present were Gary and Dawn Smith, Bob Barrera and Eunice Esquivel.

The minutes at our annual neighborhood Association meeting on January 29, 2018 were approved by Andres Westh and seconded by Gary Smith.

Treasurer’s Report

Our bank account has been transferred from being Canoas Garden Neighborhood Association to being the Willow Creek Neighborhood Association with our President, Heather Westh’s and our Treasurer’s Greg Kaparski’s names on the account. The balance in our association account is $1764.02. Dues collected at the Annual meeting were $660.00

Contacts with Councilperson Dev Davis, 

Heather requested a dumpster day. Some discussion was held about that.

The park on Wren and Almaden Expressway, Gary Smith suggested contacting Cindy Chavez. Someone suggested contacting the Water Company.

There were other discussions about the frontage road and sidewalk repair, trailer on Wren and the broken trash cans at Canoas Park. In the past Bill Aaron has organized trash pickup around the neighborhood in the past.


Our neighborhood website has been paid. There is a need to pay for information to be removed or

comments on the web page. We need to establish an email distribution list. Thanks to Gary Smith for hard work on the website.

Canoas School

Canoas School is not well rated. It was suggested we support our local school.


A newsletter should be sent out to introduce the new board, the picnic and website.

Street Captains

Annual Picnic

It was suggested that we have the picnic in August. Andreas Westh made the motion. August 25th is the suggested date. The picnic would start 5pm. Eat at 6 pm. A movie when it goes dark on the tennis courts.  We should expect about 100 people. Heather Westh suggested a different menu instead of the traditional hot dogs and hamburgers, etc. She suggested beans and rice with tortillas. People could make tacos. Maybe a taco truck or taco bar. The taco truck may be too expensive. Mark Reuben has a barbeque truck. There was discussion who should be invited. Basically it is the Neighborhood association. If anyone else shows up, we feed them. We need a new social committee.

Neighborhood Association

There was a discussion of who is in the Willow Creek Neighborhood association. It’s basically the homeowners and dwellers including the duplexes on Skylark. There was discussion about including the apartments on Skylark. We talked about adding the new condo owners off Skylark and what would be the best approach. We decided not to pursue including any apartments, we would have to change the by-laws.

Name Change

Gary Smith has Dev Davis about our name change to Willow Creek Neighborhood Association. Just about everything pertaining to our neighborhood association has been changed.

One thing that has not been changed is Nextdoor. The administrator of the Nextdoor Canoas Garden site has been contacted, who wanted to keep the Canoas Garden name.  

Our Neighborhood Historian is Ralph Pierce

Arches instead of Christmas trees

Dawn Smith suggested we have Arches instead of Tree. She said they are inexpensive and easy to do. There was some discussion about the Arches

Dawn Smith suggested we adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.

Respectively Submitted, 

Carol Searle, Secretary

January 29, 2018: Willow Creek Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting

The annual Willow Creek Neighborhood Association meeting was called to order by President, Tony Medina at 7:20 p.m. Tony thanked all who were in attendance and introduced the present Board. The Board was thanked for their work during these last two years. 

Name Change: Vice President, Gary Smith explained the history, reason and the process of the name change from Canoas Garden Neighborhood to Willow Creek Neighborhood. He explained that all the procedures followed were done in accordance with the Bylaws. A lawyer was consulted to assure proper procedures.

The bank account and post office box have been changed to the new name.

Gary Smith has worked on the website: 


He thanked Bill and Peggy Aaron for reestablishing the association in 2007.

Treasurer’s Report: We are collecting annual dues of $10 now. Please mail your dues to Willow Creek Neighborhood Association or WCNA to PO Box 18181, San Jose, CA 95158.

Diane Leaman reported that as of January 17, 2018 the association has $1,471.18 in the bank.

In 2017, $860 was collected in dues.

Expenses totaled $1,171.96 which were for the picnic, PO Box, office supplies, domain name, DVD player for movie night, and refreshments for Santa’s visit. 

Social Committee: Barbara Medina reported that the social committee organized the picnic with about 100 attending, the Christmas tree project with 110 trees lining our neighborhood streets, welcome booklets to new neighbors, and Santa’s visit with food collection for Second Harvest. 

There wasn’t a garage sale or movie nights at the park this year.

Nominations for New Board

Nominations: President, Tony Medina, asked for nominations for the 2018-2020 Board. They were as follows:

Heather Westh, President; Andreas Westh, Vice-President; Carol Searle, Secretary; Greg Kaparski, Treasurer; Glen Mathews, Eunice Esquivel, and Bob Barrera, Members at Large.

Glen Mathews moved to accept the slate nominated. Rich Peters seconded the motion. 

Motion Passed.

After the first vote, Dawn and Gary Smith were nominated as Members at Large. 

Glen Mathews moved to accept Dawn and Gary.

Barbara Medina seconded the motion. 

Motion passed

Councilperson report: Dev Davis District #6 was welcomed. She shared that the State of the City address was to be held on February 8, 2018. 

You may preregister for the State of the District address which will be in early March.

The Council has approved the Winter Faith Collaborative for the homeless. It will run 

year round with rotating shelters at churches. A meeting will be held February 12th at Good Shepard Lutheran for more churches that want to be involved..

Paving will be begin at Almaden Rd and Almaden Expressway: also, Canoas Garden and Almaden Expressway.

Evans Lane will be discussed at the Council meeting at the end of February.

A mixed housing and business unit is being considered on the VTA property at the Curtner Light Rail Station.

Guadalupe River Trail — No projects planned for this year.

Social Committee Interest contact President Heather Westh

Neighborhood dumpster availability — Check with Dev Davis and on the website

Glen Mathews moved to adjourn the meeting. Andreas Westh seconded. 

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectively Submitted,

Sue Peters



September 23, 2017

Canoas Garden Neighborhood  Association          

Minutes from September 23, 2017  

CGNA Name Change Vote and  Annual Picnic                     

President, Tony Medina, welcomed the neighborhood attendees at 4:45p.m. to our annual picnic. Also welcomed was Dev Davis, our District 6 Councilwoman. She informed us about the latest happenings in our district.

Neighbors were asked to sign in and take a ballot to vote for one of three choices for the new name for our neighborhood association. 

Each household had received a notice with background information pertaining to this vote.

Prior to the end of the picnic the ballots were counted by three independent neighbors;

Betsy Raber, Eunice Esquivel and Linda Hernandez.

The results of the ballots are as follows:

Meadowbrook 13

Willow Creek 58

Orchard  Glen 7

Other 8

Tony Medina announced that the new name of our neighborhood association will be

Willow Creek.

Thank you to all who made the annual picnic a success . We had nearly 100 adults and children in attendance. 

Respectively Submitted,

Sue Peters



June 15, 2017

Minutes for Canoas Garden Neighborhood Association Board Meeting June 15, 2017 

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by Tony Medina. Present were Gary Smith, Diane Leaman, Rich Peters, Sue Peters and Barbara Medina. Thank you Tony and Barbara for hosting the meeting. Minutes T The Renaming Committee meeting minutes of May 30, 2017 were read. Rich Peters moved to accept the minutes as written. Gary Smith seconded them. The motion passed. Treasurer’s Report: Diane Leaman reported that the bank balance as of June 14, 2017 was $2,505.44. Neighborhood Name Change A General meeting, possibly on October 10th, will be held for the membership to vote on one of three choices for a new association name. Tony will check with the Church on the Hill and contact Councilwoman Dev Davis to see about securing Canoas School. Preference is to have the meeting at Canoas. Committee Updates  Movie Night - Rich will post on Next Door to see if the neighbors have any interest in Movie Night. 
 Rich motioned that a new DVR player be purchased if we find out from Mark Nijmeijer that the one we have cannot be fixed. Diane seconded. Motion passed. Neighborhood Picnic Tentative date for picnic is September 23, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. Tony will check with Ruben about bar-b-queuing. We will also have a movie. Garage Sale: The decision to have a 2018 garage sale is being passed to the new Board who will be elected in January of 2018. Other Items Tony will email Dev Davis on status for handicap ramps on street corners and the needed repairs of frontage road from 7-11 to preschool due to the construction trucks using those roads for the new condos.


New Signs After some discussion Rich motioned to spend money for printed posters that can be clipped to the signs we set up announcing association activities. Gary Seconded the motion. The motion passed. Diane will check at Walgreens and Costco. Scottish Rite building -  No news. Organize other committees(disaster, clean up, beautification etc.) None at this time. It was discussed that a new board will need to be voted on in January of 2018 at the general meeting. Gary will speak about the need for new people at the October meeting. Rich will post on Next Door that we will be looking for members for a new Board. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Sue Peters Secretary


May 30, 2017

Minutes from the Renaming Committee Meeting with the CGNA Board

May 30, 2017

The meeting began at 7:10 p.m. lead by Tony Medina, President. Present were Board members Gary Smith, Diane Leaman, Carol Searle, Rich Peters and Sue Peters. Also present were members of the Renaming Committee, Glen Matthews, Heather Westh, Tom Howell and Wendy Elliot. The purpose of the meeting was to hear from the committee as to their progress in deciding three out of sixteen names that had been suggested for consideration at the January, 2017 annual meeting. Wendy shared that the committee had met a few times and narrowed it down to 3 names. Then they researched to see if there were any other neighborhood associations with those names. The three names chosen were Meadow Brook, Willow Creek, and Orchard Glen. Rich Peters motioned that the Board accept the three names presented. Gary Smith seconded. The motion passed. There was discussion that since the general membership voted at the January meeting to change the name that these three names will be presented to the membership at another general meeting for their vote.  A simple majority vote is all that is needed for a name change to pass. The Board will meet as soon as possible to discuss the presentation of the vote to the general membership. It was discussed that a general meeting will be called for the vote to rename the association. Councilperson Dev Davis and a representative from Pulte Construction for the new housing development, will be invited. The meeting closed at 7:50 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Sue Peters CGNA Secretary.


January 30, 2017

Canoas Garden Neighborhood Association General Meeting

January 30, 2017

Church on the Hill, Fellowship Hall  

The annual meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by President Tony Medina.

He introduced the Board: Vice President, Gary Smith, Secretary, Sue Peters,

Members at Large, Rich Peters, Carol Searle, Mark Nijimeijer, Chris Sharp. 

Not present were Diane Leaman, Treasurer and Member at Large, Tony Leaman. 

Also introduced were Dawn Smith and Barbara Medina of the Social Committee.

Tony thanked the church for giving us the room for our meeting.

Treasurer’s Report and Collection of $10 dues reported by Sue Peters

Income for 2016 Expenses for 2016 Balance as of December 2016

$1,075 $893.61 $1,845.85

Expenses in 2016

Picnic $714.18

P.O. Box $86.00

Paper/Envelopes $20

Santa estimated $75 to be submitted

Committee Reports reported by Barbara Medina

Social-Santa Claus and Mrs Claus(Tony & Barbara Medina) were available two nights in December with over 100 visitors. 

Second Harvest- Only one barrel was filled with food donations.

Last year the neighborhood had a yard sale in April, We will not have one this year.

We will try for movie nights at the tennis court this summer. 

Block parties are up to each street to organize. 

Welcome Wagon-Packets are available for new neighbors. Contact the Board if you need a welcome packet to give to a new neighbor on your street.

Invitation was presented to sign up for other committees.

Beautification- Wren Park, bark was delivered free of charge from Carlos Diaz from New Sky Tree Service. A neighbor is using green nontoxic spray for the weeds.

An email will be sent informing date of next park cleanup.

Disaster Preparedness - a committee is needed to help get a neighborhood disaster preparedness organized.

Produce Exchange- Looking for someone to organize 

Neighborhood History- No report available

Website is http://www.canoasgarden.org

Mark Nijimeijer reported the The Glen construction on Skylark and Almaden Road hopes to be ready by summer and sold out by the end of 2017.

The complex will have 6 separate buildings with 24, 2-4 bedroom homes.

They are sell for $700,000-$819,000. 

Consideration of Name Change of the Neighborhood Association

Mark Nijimeijer read the Bylaws Article 5, Section 2: 

Amendment by the Membership

“These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the membership present at a general membership meeting of The Association, if there are at least twenty-five(25) votes in favor of the amendment(s).

Discussion was had on proposing a name change for the neighborhood association. 

Gary Smith explained that a proposal has been made to change our name as the area off Curtner, Almaden Expressway and Canoas Garden Road is also now being called Canoas Garden. We are a separate neighborhood from that area and are part of Willow Glen with our 95125 Zip code.

A motion was made by Glen Matthews to vote yes or no on a name change. It was seconded and a paper vote was taken. The membership present passed the proposal to have a name change.

Those in attendence presented possible names for the association.

Valley View Glen, Valley Glen, Meadow Brook Glen, Almaden Glen, The Glen Estates, New Willow Glen, Willow creek, Bird Glen, Meadow Glen, Canoas Creek, Birdland, Canoas Glen, Guadalupe Glen

A motion by Belete Bekele was made to form a committee to present 3 possible names to the entire membership for a vote. Gigi Barrera seconded the motion.

A committee was formed and will meet at a future date.

Committee members are Chairperson, Wendy Elliot, Glen Matthews, Heather Westh, Tom Howell, Perry Goetz, Randy Riser, Mr. Cardanes, and Robert Moranda.

Former District 6 Councilperson, Peiruigi Oliverio was presented a thank you gift card from our Association for all of his dedicated work these last 10 years.

Councilperson, Dev Davis, District 6

President Tony Medina welcome Dev Davis who shared her vision for the District. She will have a community meeting on February 25th, 7 p.m. at San Jose City College, Conference Room T-415. 

Dev reported that the Evans Lane Homeless Encampment was passed last June but the Housing Department doesn’t have a time line for its opening. 

She explained that beautification and clean up in the Evans Lane area is being directed by the Mayor’s office.

Dev explained that the Guadalupe River Project isn’t complete, therefore the gate to the path near Wren Park at Almaden Expressway is still locked.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Peters,