Welcome to Willow Creek Neighborhood Association in Willow Glen, California



JANUARY 2018 NEWSLETTER                                               



Please note that the neighborhood association name has been changed from the Canoas Garden Neighborhood Association to Willow Creek Neighborhood Association. This was not an arbitrary change by the Board, but as a result of the request of several neighbors. The by-laws outline the procedures necessary for a name change, and were followed accordingly. The city has been notified and has made the appropriate changes 


NEIGHBORHOOD DUES The neighborhood organization dues of $10.00 have not changed for several years. Dues are requested on a voluntary basis. If you would like to contribute, you may submit your dues in the pre-addressed envelope that is attached. Checks should be made payable to WCNA. You may also submit your dues at the annual neighborhood meeting on January 29th.


APPRECIATION: Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Santa and all those who participated in our neighborhood lawn Christmas trees. 


ANNUAL NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING The next annual neighborhood meeting will be held at the Church on the Hill (for room #, follow signs in entry) at 7:00 P.M. on January 29th. Please do not miss this very important meeting. You will be asked to nominate and vote on new board members as all current board members are stepping down.



The current board will be ending its term in January of 2018. None of the current board members are seeking re-election. The by-laws of the association allow up to 9 members on the board. The board consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. Our neighborhood has benefited from an active neighborhood association board over the last several years.  In order for the association to continue, others in the neighborhood will need to step up and fill these positions. Please seriously consider if you would like to run for any of these offices or if you would like to nominate one of your neighbors. Nominations and voting will take place at our annual January 29th meeting. Also, if you would like to place your name into nomination prior to the meeting, please contact our current president, Tony Medina, 408-978-8092